In the summer , we can’t wear all dress or outfits. Then cotton is only single dress which is gives the smile and comfy. Mostly cotton dress the widely usable in summer days.No other fabric suits the tropical weather in India better than cotton. Hence it is important to take proper care of your cotton clothes.

This cotton made dress are commonly wear by all casts woman including working woman as well as home woman. Now below we are discuss about the some top and unique ways to make cleaning and caring for the most popular fabric cotton.

How to Wash Cotton Fabrics – Dark Coloured Cotton Clothes

how to care dark color cotton fabric

Now below we are discuss about the some top and unique ways to make cleaning and caring for the most popular fabric cotton.Cotton cloth washing is very simple ways. But you should be aware the more careful.

If you have the light color cotton dress then wash separately from the dark cooler cotton dress. Some time dark color cotton dress gives the color in water and may change the color of light color cotton dress.

Washing your dark colour clothes separately will ensure that you don’t stain your other light coloured items. To retain the fabric colour, add salt to the bucket you are soaking your clothes in. Air dry your dark coloured cotton clothes in shade. That will surely prevent the fabric from bleeding. 

How to Wash Cotton Fabrics – White Coloured Cotton Kurtis

Undoubtedly, stains are more visible on white, hence it is important to avoid the staining from white cotton dresses. Cotton white collar dress easily and fastly soaks stains. You should always wash this cotton white dress separately.

  • Always wash your whites separately to maintain their colour.
  • Some clothes can get dry cleaned after the one wear.
  • Use a mild detergent or cottage soap to wash the clothes clean.
  • Wash them in warm or cold water to prevent fading and shrinking. Avoid washing in hot water, as it may shrink the cotton.

Washing Pure Cotton Ethnic Kurtis

Pure cotton kurtis are 100 blend. Cotton kurtis are long durable but they need the maintenance. Make sure you don’t avoid any embroidery or overlays that are there on your ethnic kurtis. 

  • We recommend hand washing for pure cotton ethnic kurtis as they are more delicate than ordinary ones. 
  • Use mild detergent and cold to the slightest warm water.

How to Iron Cotton Clothes – Fabric Care Tips

Pure cotton cloths ironing is very hard and typically. But we can carefully do the morning to the cotton cloths. You should iron your cotton clothes when it’s a little damp or use the spray bottle to make them slightly wet and then follow up with ordinary iron.

  • We are recommending you to use the steam irons with appropriate temperature to iron out the wrinkles smoothly. 
  • Kurtis with details like embroidery, sequins, & buttons, can be ironed inside-out.
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