Hello there style seeker ! Lets about the summer wardrobe essentials. Also known s the pieces you w’ll be wearing and loving  all summer long. There summer wardrobe philosophy is so simple and yet complicated. All pieces in your closet have to be breathable, allowing you to look and feel marvelous, no matter if you're on the go or staying in. They should be versatile, o you can create outfits without having to wake up six hours earlier to do so. And bonus points it they are eco-triendly because you know, the planet.

It took me some time but l've managed to round up all summer clothing essentials that are going to become your new BFFs when the nights get longer and the drinks get colder. 


Scroll down to find out how to build a summer wardrobe that's fun, comfortable, sustainable altogether. All items in this edit can be mixed and matched tor countless outtit combinations. They can be the pertect base tor any summer capsule wardrobe.

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In the hot summer days, we are looking for having a gently calming effect for eyes. In summer days we looking for gentle color, which is suitable for our eyes.

When the summer comes , then choose the new collection of cooling and designed outfits.

  1. Off White Cotton Kurta
  2. Kurti Top
  3. White Tee
  4. Palazzos
  5. Floral Dress
  6. Breezy Shirts
  7. Striped Dress
  8. Cotton Loungewear
  9. Gladiators
  10. Maxi Skirt

Then now discuss the all summer wardrobe one by one.

  1. Off White Cotton Kurta:- Shop for Women Off White Kurtas in India ✯ Buy latest range of Women Off White Kurtas. White colored dress outfits always traditional. This White color is always shining for eyes but also help to make refresh in hot summer days.

    If you’re not a fan of plain white outfits, then you can choose other alternatives like a plain kurta with contrast embroidery, ethnic motifs, or chikankari print on it.
  2. Kurti Top:- Kurti top is an upper garment worn in the Indian subcontinent encompassing waistcoats, jackets and blouses. Kurti Tops are seared by every cast or religious.

    Kurti Top are very wearable dress or outfits by all ages girls and woman. Indian woman are mostly like the Kurti Top dresses.

    Kurti Top are the most short and sweet solution for hot heated summer.
  3. White Tee:- White tees are associated with gangsso they just ban them outright. We choose the summer white tee outfits for looking great to other. White tee is best choice for the summer seasons.

    White tee can wear in all place like parties, Offices , Outing , Family functions
  1. Palazzos:- Palazzo pants are long women's pants cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist. Palazzo pants or trousers are popular women's attire during the summers.
    Palazzos are not comfy outfits in summer seasons. Because Palazzos gives you the comfy look us. Palazzos can be wear with causal , tops, kurtas and kurtis.

    We thing this Palazzos dress should be in our almari and with the Palazzos choose the white and light colored Palazzos.
  2. Floral Dress:- Floral dresses are symbol of elegance, sophistication and femininity. Floral dresses are appropriate for every season even if they always symbolise the spring, the bloom, the blossoming, the develop, a good and full of beauty growth.

    Floral design or flower arrangement is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create an eye-catching and balanced composition or display
  1. Breezy Shirts:- If you describe someone as breezy, you mean that they behave in a casual, cheerful, and confident manner. Breezy shirts are behave in a casual, cheerful, and confident manner

    Breezy shirts is another best solution for the seasons. Because Breezy shirts gives the comfy with stylish look.We are personally suggest the purchase the Breezy shirts.
  2. Striped Dress:- A stripe is a line or band that differs in color or tone from an adjacent area. Striped dress are the very lighted dress.

    Whether it’s Banker Stripe, Pinstripe, Breton, Bengal, Chevron Stripe, or any other stripe for that matter, each will be a breeze to your styling look.

    None of it's especially trendy nor dated. It's just simply there. That's why wearing vertical stripes feel like a refreshing change of pace.
  1. Cotton Loungewear:- Loungewear is typically made of sturdier fabrics that are meant to keep you warm during the winter and cool in the summer while offering more modest coverage. 

    Informal clothing usually designed to be worn at home. 
  1. Gladiators:- In They not only elongate the appearance of your legs but also save your feet from overheating & keep them fresh.

    A pair of flat brown gladiators will give a touch of polish to your casual outfits and will keep your timeless fashion intact.
  2. Maxi Skirt:- A long skirt or skirt part, as of a coat or dress, ending below the middle of the calf but above the ankle. The running joke in fashion is how often skirt lengths change.

    Maxi skirt is the last dress which can wear without thinking anything. If you are confused to wear the summer seasons dress, then don’t be think more . Your final dress will be the Maxi Skirts.

    There are many designed Maxi skirt available in online shopping as well as in the local market. 


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